Report: ‘Skyfall’ director Sam Mendes likely to return for next Bond film

A new report says he's '75% of the way' towards committing to the project

Skyfall director Sam Mendes is likely to return for the 24th Bond film, says a new report.

Back in October (2012), Mendes admitted that he would consider helming another 007 adventure, saying: “I think the choice is in the audience’s hands.” Skyfall has since become the most successful Bond movie ever at the box office, grossing over $1.1 billion (£710 million) worldwide.

According to the Daily Mail, Mendes is now “75% of the way” towards committing to the follow-up. The director apparently wants to see a finished script before he signs up.

John Logan, who also worked on Skyfall, has been hired to write it and is believed to have devised a plot outline already. Daniel Craig is confirmed for at least two more Bond movies, with Ben Whishaw’s Q and the new M played by Ralph Fiennes also set to return.

If Mendes signs up, filming will be unable to begin until early 2014 because of his theatre commitments. He is currently working on a musical version of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, set to hit the West End in May, and will then direct a new London stage production of King Lear.