Richard Curtis on reviving ‘Blackadder’ for a movie: ‘It would be too painful’

Rowan Atkinson has apparently expressed enthusiasm for making 'Blackadder: The Movie'

Richard Curtis has dismissed suggestions that Blackadder could be revived for a spin-off movie, saying it would be “too painful” and “quite unlikely”.

The fourth and final series of the historical sitcom, which Curtis created with star Rowan Atkinson, aired in 1989. However, the show was brought back briefly in 2000 for a one-off short film called Blackadder: Back & Forth that was originally shown at the Millennium Dome.

Asked for his reaction to a comment from Atkinson, who had apparently expressed enthusiasm for making a Blackadder movie during an interview in 2011, Curtis told the Press Association: “I don’t believe that! If Rowan’s really keen, that would be interesting to hear but he hasn’t said it to me. We went away for a weekend a decade ago to see whether we could work out a way of doing it and we never could, so I’m sure it won’t happen. I think it’ll be quite unlikely that there will be a Blackadder movie.”

However, Curtis went on to reveal that he and Atkinson once sketched out an idea on how to bring back their beloved sitcom. “We did say when we were young, if ever we did Blackadder again, it would be when we are old,” he explained. “We thought we should wait 30 years and then vent our anger at the younger generation in the way that the original Blackadder was venting our anger as young men about older men and how messed up the world was, particularly in the First World War. So it’s not impossible but I think it would be too painful.”

Meanwhile, Curtis’s latest film, time-travelling romcom About Time starring Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams, opened in cinemas on Wednesday (September 4). Watch the trailer below.