Richard Curtis reveals what he’d change about ‘Love Actually’

The Love Actually director has his say...

Richard Curtis has revealed what he’d change about Love Actually, as fans across the world watch the seminal romcom over the festive period.

Curtis’ seminal 2003 movie tells the story of eight different couples whose lives are loosely intertwined in run-up to Christmas.

Speaking to NME at the Global Citizen Awards, the ‘Four Weddings’ director revealed that he’d be interested in making a series of small tweaks to the film.


“That’s a really difficult question,” he said when asked about what he might change.

“I think the naked people should be wearing more clothes.”

It comes after the film faced renewed scrutiny some 16 years after its release – with critics singling out the female representation and its apparent celebration of the most commercial elements of Christmas.

“There’s the fat jokes, the sexual harassment, the lack of female dialogue, the normalisation of stalking: all these things are objectionable,” Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett wrote in the Guardian recently.

Meanwhile, Ringo Starr recently admitted that he “loved” Yesterday – the Beatles film that Curtis created with Danny Boyle.


“Oh yeah – I loved it,” Ringo explained.

“I mean, what a great concept. You know?” he added.

The movie, which hit cinemas in June, follows the story of a fledgling musician whose life takes a dramatic turn when he realises he’s one of only a handful of people left in the world that remembers The Beatles songs.

Last month, Paul McCartney also revealed that he had snuck into a cinema to watch the film, and confirmed that he “loved it”.