‘Boyhood’ director Richard Linklater is making a new movie about Bill Hicks

Linklater will write and direct the film

Richard Linklater is writing and directing a new film about comedian Bill Hicks, who passed away in 1994 at the age of 32.

The Boyhood director has long been an admirer of the comic and has said publicly that he regretted that he was not able to work with Hicks before his death. Hicks was reportedly a big fan of Linklater’s 1993 movie Dazed And Confused, while Linklater’s older brother even went to the same school as Hicks and was familiar with some of his friends.

According to Collider, the director has signed on to both direct and write the currently untitled project. It’ll be released via Focus Features.

It follows 2009’s photo-animated feature documentary, American: The Bill Hicks Story, which was narrated by 10 who knew Hicks best.

Speaking in a 2011 interview, Linklater said: “There’s not quite any others like him. They don’t speak in the same voice. You’d think people would take that torch and go with it, but it’s a rare combination of that kind of intelligence, mysticism, political, you know… his politics, his angle, it’s pretty unique.

“I go through my life all the time… everything that’s going on in our culture, I always think, what would Bill Hicks be doing? You just miss him.” You can see that clip below, around the three minute mark.

Linklater’s last release was 2017’s Last Flag Flying, starring Bryan Cranston and Steve Carrell. In 2016 he released ’80s flick Everybody Wants Some – a project he referred to as the spiritual sequel Dazed And Confused which was set in the ’70s – before working on the School of Rock television series.

In 2015, Boyhood was nominated for three Oscars – including Best Motion Picture and Best Achievement in Directing. He went on to win Best Director at the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs for the film.