Ricky Gervais: ‘This will be my final Golden Globes’

But comic promises that this time 'the offence will be justified'

Ricky Gervais has declared that next year will be the final time he hosts the Golden Globe Awards.

The UK comic was finally booked to host the Hollywood ceremony yesterday (November 17) following a week of uncertainty. Many in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had not wanted him back after his script last year apparently offended many of the guests and nominees.

Now, Gervais has written on his blog at: RickyGervais.com: “So it looks like I’m hosting the Golden Globes for a third and definitely final time.”

The statement continued: “It was a tough decision to be honest. There were many pros and cons. I loved doing it but I was worried that I couldn’t improve on last year. I’m in LA anyway as I’m launching Life’s Too Short on HBO. But then I didn’t want the Globes to overshadow the series. I knew some people would be uncomfortable with me being host. (This was a pro by the way.)”

What actually tipped the balance and made me say yes, was the fact that it would shut up all those fucking idiots who said that I’d never be invited back. Is that the wrong reason to do something? Ha ha. I think it is.

Gervais went on to address last year’s controversy: “Now here’s the thing. The outrage I caused was of course, as usual, totally out of proportion to the things I said. I don’t think anyone had any right to be offended but they were. This year I’m going to make sure the offence is completely justified.

“The best thing about it is writing the gags. I love writing one liners. Particularly when they can’t be used in any other context. It gives them a special weight on the night if you know what I mean.”

The Golden Globe Awards 2012 take place on January 15 at the Beverley Hilton Hotel.