Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ trailer leak is ‘heartbreaking’

Fox boss also plays down talk that the film is a prequel to 'Alien'

The trailer leak for Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus has been described as “heartbreaking” by a senior Fox executive.

A pirated version of the trailer for Scott’s forthcoming Alien ‘prequel’ emerged online recently, with the studio moving quickly to have versions taken down.

Now Tom Rothman, 20th Century Fox CEO has blasted the pirates, telling MTV: “It’s heartbreakingly unfair, because the quality of the visuals is spectacularly beautiful, shot in 3D compositionally the way only a master could do it the way only a master could do it.”

For some early, half-baked, half-assed test to leak, it’s so unfair. I will promise you this: When that material is ready and it comes out, you should go see it in 3D on a screen. It will deliver.

Prometheus is being tipped as a prequel to Alien, but Rothman also played down that kind of speculation: “I suppose [it is a prequel] if you want to definitionally be that literal, but it does a great disservice. If you looked at the whole movie, 95% of it is entirely unto itself. Ridley said it right: If you’re a fan and you look closely, you’ll spot strands of DNA.”

He elaborated: “I’ll tell you the great thing: It’s way bigger than that. The ideas are way bigger, more original and – it’s a scary word – way more profound.”