Ridley Scott says ‘Alien 5’ isn’t happening

The director has dismissed reports that there will be another film in the franchise

Director Ridley Scott has said there will not be a fifth installment in the Alien film franchise.

Alien 5 was reported to be being directed by Neill Blomkamp, who had taken the helm for films such as District 9 and Elysium. However, Scott has now dismissed those rumours in a new interview.

Speaking to French publication AlloCiné, the director, who is behind the forthcoming Alien: Covenant said “There was never a script.


“It was an idea the evolved from, I believe, a 10-page pitch, and I was meant to be part of the producers on that,” he continued. “It didn’t evolve. Fox decided that they didn’t want to do it and that was it.”

He added: “I’d already done Prometheus and I was planning Covenant so I dunno.” Asked if he thought Alien 5 might ever come to fruition, he replied: “I don’t think so, no.”

Blomkamp sparked excitement in 2015 when he posted concept art for Alien 5 on his social media pages.

Scott’s denial that Blomkamp’s Alien project doesn’t mean there will be no more movies in the franchise, however. He revealed earlier this year he has already written the next part of the prequel series, which is said to encompass four films in total.

Alien: Covenant, meanwhile, will be released on May 12, 2017. Watch a trailer above.