Riz Ahmed criticises “racist and immoral” Nationality and Borders Bill

“It’s crazy, it’s wrong and it’s racist”

Riz Ahmed has branded the UK government’s Nationality and Borders Bill as “racist” and “immoral” in a video.

On Wednesday (April 20), Conservative MPs rejected amendments to the bill proposed by the House Of Lords which would have softened some of its measures. The bill includes plans to offshore asylum seekers and introduce a two-tier refugee system, along with the right to deprive someone of their British citizenship without prior notification.

In a video posted on Twitter ahead of the vote, Ahmed called for people to make a stand against the bill. “So I just found something out that has made me so depressed and so angry, and I just need your help,” Ahmed said.


“I just found out the UK government are trying to pass a law right now… that means they can take away my passport whenever they feel like it. Not just me, but anyone who can claim heritage in another country.

“So if your parents immigrated here, your grandparents immigrated here, they can take away your British citizenship without even notifying you.”

He added: “It’s crazy. It’s wrong and it’s racist. And we need to make some noise and let them know that this is not OK.”

After describing some of the bill’s measures, Ahmed said: “It’s really expensive, impractical, unworkable, it’s immoral. We are one of the richest democracies in the world. And on some weird colonial tip, we’re going to try and pay countries that have less resources and more refugees to do our duty for us instead of doing our part.”

Actor Juliet Stevenson joined protests on the Thames against the bill earlier this week (via the Guardian) in solidarity with Ukrainian refugees.


“The Nationality and Borders Bill is the most brutal piece of legislation to have ever gone through parliament,” Stevenson said.

Last year, Ahmed was nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars for Sound Of Metal, where he played drummer Ruben Stone who is losing his hearing.