Riz Ahmed hits out at portrayal of Muslims and acts of terror in the media

'Violence is a cycle from people feeling under threat or their suffering undervalued'

In the wake of last night’s tragic terror attack outside a Mosque in London’s Finsbury Park, actor and rapper Riz Ahmed has hit out at the media’s representation of events.

Worshippers were leaving Finsbury Park Mosque in north London just after midnight when a van mounted the pavement and ploughed into a group of people – with police confirming the arrest of a 48-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder. One person has been confirmed dead, with 10 more injured.

Now, ‘Star War’s and ‘Four Lions’ star Riz Ahmed has taken to Twitter to slam the media for not applying the same to the attack as they have to others committed on victims of a different religion.

“When crazy Muslim kills, it’s MUSLIM TERROR,” he wrote. “When Muslims save lives and lead relief at Grenfell where’s the MUSLIM HEROES headlines? And when non-Muslims shoot American politicians and drive a van into Muslims, why isn’t it called TERRORISM? where are the calls for white males or American gun-owners to answer for all others? Prejudice, extremism, supremacism is all the same.

“Language matters. By emphasising some violence over others or focussing on one extremism over others we fail to see how they’re connected. Violence is a cycle from people feeling under threat or their suffering undervalued. A first step is to use calm, and balanced language.”

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