Robert Downey Jr reveals he earned $50 million from ‘The Avengers’

The actor says he is 'what's known as a strategic cost'

Robert Downey Jr has revealed he earned an incredible $50 million (£33 million) from The Avengers.

Since its release last May (2012), Joss Whedon‘s superhero ensemble movie has become the third-biggest grosser ever with a worldwide box office haul of $1.51 billion (£1 billion). Only Titanic and Avatar have taken more in ticket sales.

After the success of 2008’s Iron Man, Downey Jr reportedly negotiated a lucrative deal to receive a percentage of profits from all future films in which he appears as Tony Stark aka Iron Man. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this deal ended up paying him around $50 million (£33 million) for The Avengers alone.


Asked by GQ recently whether that number is “about right”, Downey Jr replied “yeah” before adding: “Isn’t that crazy? They’re so pissed. I can’t believe it. I’m what’s known as ‘a strategic cost’.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Downey Jr is about to reprise his role as Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, which opens in UK cinemas on April 26. Scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch the latest trailer for the film.

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