Robert Downey Jr says yes to ‘Iron Man 4’ if Mel Gibson directs

Downey Jr's latest film 'The Judge' is released in cinemas October 17

Robert Downey Jr has revealed he would return to play Tony Stark’s canned crusader Iron Man in a fourth standalone Marvel hero movie if Mel Gibson were to direct.

In an interview to promote his latest film The Judge, Downey Jr talked about what he learned from working with Mel Gibson on the 1990 action comedy Air America and how the Australian actor/director was a “fundamentally different guy” since his well publicised outbursts.

As reported, Downey Jr has expressed a reluctance to return for another standalone Iron Man film but when asked if he would reconsider were Gibson to direct, the actor told Deadline: “Why not? That movie would be bananas.”


Downey Jr also revealed how his gung-ho approach to working on action movies has changed. “Hearing the cracking of my own bones on Iron Man 3, I finally came out of what can only be described as a five-year flight of fancy where I thought, if Sherlock Holmes can do this, it means I can,” he joked.

“If Tony can jump from one part of a scaffold to the other and not bust his ankle, well then let’s do it two or three times and go to lunch. Looking back, I’m surprised and really embarrassed that some middle-aged guy was thinking like that,” he added.

In The Judge, Downey Jr plays a hotshot lawyer who quips, “innocent people can’t afford me”. He is forced to reconnect with his estranged Judge father (Robert Duvall) to defend him from a murder charge. The film is released in the UK on October 17. Watch the trailer below.