Robert Downey Jr could be set to return as Iron Man in the new ‘Black Widow’ movie

It's not over yet

Robert Downey Jr could be set to make an appearance as Iron Man in the forthcoming Black Widow movie.

Despite meeting his end in Avengers: Endgame, the upcoming prequel is an origins movie and tells the story of how Russian spy Natasha Romanoff, played by Scarlett Johansson, ended up becoming a key player in SHIELD, so it will be set some time before Tony Stark’s death.

According to Deadline, Downey Jr will be seen in the role of Stark one more time but it’s unlikely he will be recording new footage or having a considerable role to play in the film.


Instead any scene involving Stark will, likely instead, come from a Captain America: Civil War deleted scene that involves Iron Man telling Romanoff to go into hiding.

While casting for the movie is yet to be revealed, a Comic-Con panel recently revealed that the supervillain Taskmaster will make an appearance, Florence Pugh will play Romanoff’s surrogate sister Yelena Belova and Rachel Weisz has been cast as the leader of the super-spy training facility where Romanoff initially learnt her trade.

It is due for release in May 2020.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Iron Man could return to the Marvel family once more in a brand new Disney+ television show.

A new report from We Got This Covered suggests that Marvel bosses are developing a series based on Ironheart, the teenage genius who continues the work of Tony Stark in Marvel’s comic books. While Downey Jr won’t make a full return, the source claims that he will reprise the role for a voice-over role similar to that of Paul Bettany’s JARVIS.


In Marvel lore, the character of Ironheart , aka Riri Williams, is introduced when Stark is in a coma. She’s trained by an AI, who is voiced by Stark himself.

Meanwhile, Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo recently admitted that there isn’t a single thing he’d change about the film’s ending.