Robert Downey Jr signs deal to return as Iron Man in ‘The Avengers 2’ and ‘3’

Actor made a massive $50 million (£32 million) from the first 'Avengers' film

Robert Downey Jr has agreed a deal with Marvel to play Iron Man in another two movies.

The actor will reprise his role as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3, Marvel confirmed in a news story on its website”.

Downey Jr’s two most recent Marvel movies, this year’s Iron Man 3 and last year’s The Avengers, both rank in the top five grossing films of all time. Since its release at the end of April, Iron Man 3 has raked in $1.2 billion (£780 million) at cinemas worldwide, while The Avengers grossed over $1.5 billion (£970 million) globally last year (2012).

Downey Jr recently revealed he earned a massive $50 million (£32 million) from The Avengers. “Isn’t that crazy? They’re so pissed. I can’t believe it. I’m what’s known as ‘a strategic cost’,” he told GQ in April.

Writer-director Joss Whedon is currently working on the script for The Avengers 2 and shooting is due to begin in March 2014. According to Marvel, the sequel will feature “favourites from the first Avengers film and new Marvel characters never before seen on the big screen”. It’s set to open in cinemas on May 1, 2015.