Robert Pattinson gets starstruck by Julianne Moore in exclusive clip from ‘Maps to the Stars’ – watch

David Cronenberg's Hollywood satire is released in cinemas September 26
Robert Pattinson and Julianne Moore feature with Mia Wasikowska in an exclusive clip from Maps to the Stars.

David Cronenberg’s dark Hollywood satire is released in cinemas this Friday (September 26).

Moore plays fading Hollywood diva Havana Segrand who employs Wasikowska’s Agatha as her personal assistant. With a history of psychotic episodes and self-harm we learn of Agatha’s murky past and her desire to reconnect with her estranged family through her encounters with Pattinson’s limo driver and wannabe actor Jerome. In the clip Jerome reveals his acting ambitions to Agatha and gets starstruck by Havana.

The film also stars John Cusack as Agatha’s father, the maniacal self help guru Dr Stafford Weiss. Olivia Williams plays his wife Christina who works as her child star son Benjie’s agent.

Speaking to press at the Cannes film festival in May Pattinson said: “I like the fact that he (Cronenberg) is very much a provocateur. Within the first two pages of reading the script you’re just like ‘Oh my God’ I don’t even know what people are going to make of this but it feels dangerous.”

Pattinson believes the film defies genre and revealed: “I guess it’s satirical, a ghost story and sort of a thriller… And it’s an incredibly weird comedy about crazy people!”

Cronenberg made his name directing a series of ’80s shockers including Videodrome and The Fly. He also directed the thriller Eastern Promises and previously worked with Pattinson on 2012’s Cosmopolis.Video