Robert Pattinson signs up for ‘Hold On To Me’

Carey Mulligan will also star in this crime thriller

Robert Pattinson has signed up to star in crime thriller Hold On To Me opposite Carey Mulligan.

The Cosmopolis actor has been working overtime to rid himself of his heartthrob image since finishing the Twilight Saga and Hold On To Me will be another in a series of darker films trying to do just this.

Originally titled Nancy And Danny, Hold On To Me is based on a true story of a young woman (Carey Mulligan) who kidnaps her town’s richest man and buries him an attempt to impress her boyfriend.

But it’s not Pattinson who will play the boyfriend. Instead he’ll be taking on the role of Mulligan’s high school sweetheart who she’s still hung up on (not a massively hard role for him to play then) and turns to once things go wrong.

Directed by Man On Wire/Project Nim’s James Marsh filming is planned to start in early 2013 but, before then, Pattinson has the release of Rover and Mission Blacklist, not to mention the final installment of the Twilight Saga on the 16 November, to look forward to.

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