Robert Pattinson wants to take a totally different approach to acting on ‘The Batman’

"I think whenever you bring in stuff from a previous movie into the next one, it's always so disastrous"

Fresh from starring in nautical-themed horror The Lighthouse, which is out tomorrow in the UK, actor Robert Pattinson is due to appear next in The Batman as the caped crusader, but he’s said he wants to start from scratch with his approach to the role.

Set for release on 25 June 2021, the DC film began filming this week – confirmed by director Matt Reeves in a post on his Twitter account. Little is known of Reeves’ upcoming solo adventure, but we have been told it will focus on Bruce Wayne’s younger, more vulnerable years. It is expected to be closer in tone and style to Todd Phillips’ hugely successful Joker movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix.

The Lighthouse, meanwhile, is a gripping drama led by a pair of strong performances from Pattinson and Hollywood heavyweight Willem Dafoe. They play two lighthouse keepers who try to maintain their sanity while living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.


Asked by NME if there’s anything he learned from his time on The Lighthouse that he would take forward to The Batman, Pattinson said: “I think whenever you bring in stuff from a previous movie into the next one, it’s always so disastrous. When you watch the movie, you’re like, ‘I just did the same thing as I did in the other one’ and it’s kind of… you’ve always got to avoid doing that.”

Pattinson went to extraordinary lengths to get into character on the black-and-white thriller, including forcing himself to vomit and putting stones in his shoes to feel more pain. But he says he still took a lot from the experience.

“I loved doing this part so much. I thought it was really, really fun and I was sort of looking for something that was really loud. I always feel a bit uncomfortable, because I never shout in reality like ever, so I feel like I’m always looking for parts just to kind of practice things for my real life.”

Asked if vomiting is now a prerequisite for the jobs he chooses, Pattinson joked: “Yeah! ‘Can I shit my pants?’ That’s the first question I ask every director!”

He added: “I see characters who should behave in really extreme ways and I sort of know how to access that bit, probably easier than the subtle parts.”


‘The Lighthouse’ arrives in cinemas on January 31

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