The critics’ reviews for the new ‘Robin Hood’ movie are in – and it’s not looking good

This latest take on the mythic Nottingham outlaw hits cinemas today (November 21)

As the latest Robin Hood films opens in cinemas, film critics have been having their say on this latest cinematic adaptation of the legendary tale – and it doesn’t make for good reading for the movie’s producers.

Taron Egerton is the latest actor to step into the shoes of the titular outlaw, with the film – which styles itself as an origin story – also starring the likes of Jamie Foxx, Eve Hewson and Jamie Dornan. Otto Bathurst took on directorial duties, while Leonardo DiCaprio served as a producer.

However, the initial reactions to Robin Hood from film critics has painted a pretty dismal picture for those backing the movie.

TheWrap‘s Yolanda Machado described Robin Hood as being “rife with stereotypes, a terrible script, and odd 300-esque cinematography that just doesn’t fit – this is not only a film nobody asked for, but also one that nobody should be forced to endure.”

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Todd McCarthy despaired at the casting, writing: “Mendelsohn’s villain is boringly one-note, Eve Hewson’s Marion uses an incongruous Yank accent and always looks as though she’s just stepped out of the makeup trailer, F. Murray Abraham swans around in fancy cardinal’s vestments looking sinister and Foxx seems pissed off that he’s not somewhere, perhaps anywhere, else. As for Egerton, he’s a boy doing a man’s job.”

Glenn Kenny of The New York Times also registered his disappointment, musing: “The plot is twisty in a perfunctory way, the action predictably explosive, the sought-after exhilaration nonexistent.”

However, Variety‘s Owen Gleiberman suggested that the new Robin Hood wasn’t all bad, observing: “The movie is a diverting live-wire lark — one that, for my money, gets closer to the spirit of what Robin Hood is about than the logy 1991 Kevin Costner version or the dismal 2010 Russell Crowe version.”

Back in the summer, it was widely reported that six more Robin Hood-themed movies are currently in production in Hollywood.