Robin Williams’ children pay tribute to star on anniversary of his death

"Love you forever"

Zak and Zelda Williams have paid homage to their late father on the seventh anniversary of his death.

Robin Williams died by suicide in 2014, following a misdiagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

Instead, it was confirmed via an autopsy that the Oscar-winning actor had unknowingly suffered from a rare form of progressive dementia that impacts thought and reasoning.

Williams’ son and mental health advocate Zak took to Twitter to celebrate his father’s life:

“Dad, seven years ago today you passed on,” he wrote. “The joy and inspiration you brought to the world carries on in your legacy and in your family, friends, and fans you so loved.

You lived to bring laughter and to help others. I will be celebrating your memory today. Love you forever.”

Williams’ daughter Zelda also took to the platform, and used the anniversary to reach out to anyone who had also experienced loss.

“Sending love out there today to all the folks navigating loss,” she wrote.

“New, old, the connective tissue of that deeply human pain can be hard to bear, but I find it easier sometimes knowing how many others have felt the same sting.”

She added: “We’re not alone.”

In January, Williams’ widow Susan Schneider Williams spoke about the “misunderstandings” around his death.

Speaking about how she learned of her husband’s diagnosis following his death, Susan told the Guardian: “The doctors said to me after the autopsy: ‘Are you surprised that your husband had Lewy bodies throughout his entire brain and brain stem?’

“I didn’t even know what Lewy bodies were, but I said: ‘No, I’m not surprised.’ The fact that something had infiltrated every part of my husband’s brain? That made perfect sense.”