Robin Williams honoured at the MTV Video Music Awards – watch

Photo montage soundtracked by Coldplay's 'A Sky Full Of Stars'

Robin Williams was honoured last night at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Soundtracked by Coldplay’s ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’ a 23-second montage featuring images of the late actor was aired during the awards ceremony.

Time reports that the short tribute went unannounced and ended without explanation or applause.

Fans of the actor have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment at the short tribute with some labelling it “offensive”.

An angry Chad Dukes wrote: “That ‘tribute’ to Robin Williams tells you everything you need to know about this show. It would have been less insulting to do nothing.”

Equally unimpressed, Tylerc was cutting in his assessment of the montage: “I’m glad @MTV found time to pay tribute to Robin Williams between the Taco Bell Artist To Watch Award and the TRESemme Style Check-In #VMA.”

A tribute is also planned for Williams at tonight’s Emmy Awards for television.

As reported the legendary actor and comedian was found dead at his California home two weeks ago. Police later confirmed the cause of death as suicide. It has since been revealed by his wife Susan Schneider that the actor was in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease for which he was receiving treatment.