Robin Williams: ‘People often mistake me for Bono’

'Happy Two Feet' actor reveals how drunken fans often confuse the star with the U2 frontman

Robin Williams claims fans often mistake him for U2 frontman Bono.

The Happy Feet Two star said he has had a few experiences when drunken followers have mistook him for the frontman of the Irish four-piece.

He told BANG Showbiz:

I had a guy come up to me in Paris saying, ‘Are you Bono?’ Then he said, ‘Oh no, you’re not, you’re Robert Windsor’.

Williams added: “I only really get mistaken for Bono by people who are really hammered. They have to be completely shitfaced to think I’m Bono. I suppose when I put on the glasses I look a bit like him.”

The actor also quipped that he’d like to play along with the joke a bit more but he can’t master the Irish accent.

He added: “The Irish accent is one I just can’t seem to get. I always start doing it and then it just fucking fades. It always ends up going into Scottish.”

‘Happy Feet Two’ is released on December 2 in the UK.

Bono, meanwhile was recently criticised by former Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark director Julie Taymor for his role in axing her from the musical.