‘Rocketman’ star Taron Egerton says he would love to play Wolverine

Actor was previously unsure about the Marvel role

Rocketman star Taron Egerton has again spoken about claims that he’s set to play Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The actor previously said he was unsure whether he was “quite grisly enough” for the role but he would love to be involved with that “world somewhere.”

Now Egerton has told Variety: ”I love Marvel and I love the movies and I’d love the excuse to get in shape. I’d love to be a part of it, whether [Wolverine] is realistic or not, I don’t know.”

Hugh Jackman bid farewell to the Marvel character with 2017’s Logan, although he also appeared as Wolverine in Deadpool 2 last year. He’d played the superhero since 2000’s X-Men.

Renowned comic book writer Mark Millar started the rumours by claiming on Twitter that Egerton would replace him.

Egerton isn’t the only one who has been shutting down rumours that they’ll be playing Wolverine, with Daniel Radcliffe recently forced to clarify a joke he made where he said he would take on the role.

Responding to the question “Is Daniel Radcliffe the new Wolverine?” as part of WIRED’s long-running feature where they grill celebrities on the internet’s most asked questions, Radcliffe said: “There’s going to be a new Wolverine movie, in which it starts off with Hugh Jackman being put into a hot wash. And then when he comes out, it’s me. So yes, I’m very happy to announce that here.”