Russell Crowe pays tribute to ‘Gladiator’ on Rome trip to Colosseum

"Taking the kids to see my old office"

Russell Crowe has paid tribute to Gladiator during a recent trip to Rome.

The actor took to social media to share photos of his family holiday, stopping at the Colosseum to quote the iconic 2000 film in Italian.

“Quello che facciamo in vita, riecheggia nell’eternità,” the actor tweeted alongside four photos of the inside of the Coliseum, which translates to “What we do in life echoes in eternity,” a quote from the film.


Take a look at the photos here:

During his trip, Crowe also visited the Vatican Museum with his family with no other visitors there, sharing a story about his parents.

“My mum had walked these corridors with my father 20+ years ago with the thousands of tourist that flock here daily and make it the third most popular museum globally,” he wrote.


“This time, with arrangements in place, we pushed her in a wheelchair down those same corridors. No tourist crowd, just us. My dad passed in 2021, but of course every fascinating corridor has its memories for her, directly associated to him.

“We were given access to rooms, perspectives and parts of the collection you don’t get to see as a regular tourist. As we squeezed into a tiny private elevator and ascended to a balcony few get to see, she squeezed my hand and said ‘I wish your father was here.'”

Russell Crowe continued: “We stepped on to the balcony, a majestic sweeping view of Rome. From somewhere in the Vatican we could hear the Swiss Guard band rehearsing. The music floated up to us. It took me a few moments to realize they were playing ‘Danny Boy’, one of the songs we played at his funeral.

“Of all songs, of all times… how? I looked at my mum, she looked at me. My Fathers presence overwhelmed us both. She had a little cry and I kissed her on the head. He was with her. If you’re lucky enough to have your parents around, look after them. Call, visit, show them love.”

Earlier this year, Crowe was cast as Father Gabriele Amorth in Julius Avery’s forthcoming supernatural thriller The Pope’s Exorcist.

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