Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone appear in new ‘Gangster Squad’ trailer – watch

Eagerly-anticipated LA crime thriller also stars Josh Brolin, Sean Penn and Nick Nolte

A new trailer for eagerly-anticipated crime thriller Gangster Squad has been unveiled – scroll down to watch it.

Set in LA in 1949, Gangster Squad stars Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin as honest cops trying to bring down the city’s mafia boss, played by Sean Penn, amidst a climate of police corruption. The film also stars Emma Stone as a gangster’s moll and Nick Nolte as a police chief.

Gangster Squad was supposed to open in September (2012), but following the tragic shootings at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado on July 20, Warner Bros pulled the original trailer and delayed the film’s release.

Gangster Squad originally featured a sequence in which mobsters open fire at an LA cinema, but this was deemed too similar to real-life events in Colorado. In August, director Ruben Fleischer helmed reshoots featuring Gosling, Brolin and several other cast members, so that the scenes could be changed.

Gangster Squad, duly retooled, will now open in UK and US cinemas on January 11 2013.