Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney attended their first Wrexham game last night

"We didn’t want our first win to be away anyway"

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney attended their first Wrexham FC game last night (October 26).
The actors purchased the Welsh football club this year after their bid to buy it was approved by Wrexham’s Supporters Trust Board back in November.

Wrexham played Maidenhead United at the team’s Yorkhead stadium, where new owners Reynolds and McElhenney watched their club lose 3-2 to the away team.

Posting several photos of the game last night, Reynolds wrote on his Instagram account: “Football is a staggering, heartbreaking, gorgeous, tommy-gun of soul-deadening, evil and beauty and I’m never sleeping again ever, ever.”


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator McElhenney also posted a photo from the game on Twitter, joking “we didn’t want our first win to be away anyway” and congratulating Maidenhead on “a tough game”.

Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson said he was “disappointed” in the result for the first game the club’s new owners had flown in to watch, saying football “can be a brutal industry”.
“They flew in and they were trying to keep a low profile but I imagine it’s fairly difficult to be low profile and they let us get on with it,” Parkinson told the BBC.
“We look forward to meeting them later in the week,” he added.
“I’m really disappointed for them that we haven’t been able to come away with at least a draw. But that’s football. It can be a brutal industry.”

Elsewhere, Rob McElhenney recently told NME that he is trying to convince Sir Anthony Hopkins to become a Wrexham fan.

“He is a big supporter,” McElhenney joked when NME asked about Hopkins’ thoughts on Wrexham. “No he didn’t mention it, but I’m going to make him a supporter.

“I’ve already sent him a bunch of gear and I’m going to hope that he puts it on and puts it up on his Instagram. We’ll see. We’re buds now.”