Ryan Reynolds says there’s enough outtakes from ‘Detective Pikachu’ to make an R-Rated version

"God forbid they would"

Ryan Reynolds has revealed that it is possible for an R-Rated version of Detective Pikachu to be made, given the high number of outtakes he was involved in while filming.

Reynolds plays the titular Pokémon in the new film, which is due to be released in the UK and the US this Friday (May 10).

Speaking about his experience of motion-capture filming, Reynolds said that the process involves “throwing a billion things up against the wall.”.

“It’s up to somebody else to sift through it and figure out what they think is going to be applicable and what they feel they want to use,” he told Kotaku. “I’d come out with 85 options for any one joke. It was crazy.”

Detective Pikachu

Reynolds said that, during filming, “everything ran the gamut, from Rated R to PG”.

“You could probably squeeze together a Rated-R cut if someone went looking for it in the edit, I’m sure,” he added. “God forbid they would.”

Another of Reynolds’ films, Deadpool 2, recently received the opposite treatment as a specially-edited PG version hit cinemas for a limited run late last year.

Back in March, it was revealed that Danny DeVito’s voice was used for Pikachu during one of the initial tests for Detective Pikachu.