Ryan Reynolds’ live-action Pokemon movie adds new cast member

'Detective Pikachu' is due to start shooting in London later this month

The Ryan Reynolds-starring live-action Pokémon movie has bolstered its cast list ahead of the commencement of shooting this month.

Detective Pikachu will star Reynolds as the titular investigator, with the premise of the film set to based on the Nintendo 3DS game of the same name. The Deadpool star will provide a motion-capture performance for the movie.

With Justice Smith confirmed as the human lead in the film alongside Reynolds and Three Billboards actress Kathryn Newton, Ken Watanabe – who has starred in such films as The Last Samurai, Godzilla and Inception – has now officially joined the cast of Detective Pikachu.

Detective Pikachu

Watanabe will play Detective Yoshida, who will no doubt have a key role in the main story – which sees Smith’s character team up with Detective Pikachu to search for the former’s kidnapped father.

Goosebumps director Rob Letterman is helming the project, with shooting due to commence in London later this month. Detective Pikachu is set for a May 2019 release.

Back in November, Pokémon fans were shocked after Pikachu was seen speaking English in the recent franchise film Pokémon: I Choose You.

One video, which was taken during a screening of the film, captured the audible shock from the audience when the character spoke the lines.