Ryan Reynolds responds to Gerard Butler’s ‘Free Guy’ diss

"I don’t watch Ryan Reynolds movies," Butler had said

Ryan Reynolds has responded to disparaging comments made by Gerard Butler about his recent film Free Guy.

In a recent interview with Unilad promoting his new film Copshop, Butler was asked about similarities between the Reynolds film, about a man who finds himself stuck in an open-world video game, and his 2009 flop Gamer, about a virtual reality first person shooter game in which players control real-life death row prisoners.

“I actually don’t know what Free Guy is,” Butler said. After being informed by his Copshop co-star Alexis Louder that it was Reynolds’ new film, he added: “Oh shit, is it… I don’t watch Ryan Reynolds movies.”


In a response, Reynolds used the opportunity to draw focus to an ongoing partnership that he and his wife Blake Lively have forged The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, through which the two actors will match any contributions made until October 8, up to $1million.

“Can you believe Gerard Butler doesn’t know what Free Guy is? Also, can you believe that the challenges to democracy have never been greater and that Blake and I will match your contributions to the ACLU and NAACP?” Reynolds said on Instagram. “*Order of these questions optimized for the Internet, NOT importance.”

Last month, meanwhile, Reynolds said that Disney have ordered a sequel to Free Guy. “Aaaannnnd after 3 years messaging #FreeGuy as an original IP movie, Disney confirmed today they officially want a sequel. Woo hoo!! #irony,” Reynolds tweeted. “If it isn’t called, “Albuquerque Boiled Turkey” we’ve failed.”