Ryan Reynolds responds to ‘Mortal Kombat’ casting rumours

"Finish 'em!!"

Ryan Reynolds has reacted to rumours that he will appear in a future Mortal Kombat film by sharing a mock-up of himself posing as one of the video game franchise’s fighters.

The actor posted an advert for US phone network Mint Mobile yesterday (April 28) that sees his face stuck onto the GFX body of Johnny Cage. He captioned the gif with “Finish ’em!!” – nodding to a phrase from the game – in the ad highlighting the network’s awards victory over other “big wireless” brands.

The commercial itself does not confirm that Reynolds, whom fans have made clear on social media would make a good incarnation of Cage, will star in any potential Mortal Kombat sequels.


The recent reboot, which was released in US cinemas and on HBO Max earlier this month, doesn’t have Cage in it, however, as ComicBook.com points out, Cole Young sets out to enlist the fighter in the tournament at the end of the movie.

Reynolds is rumoured for a role based off previous action-packed stints including the Deadpool movies, the DC film The Green Lantern, and 2019’s Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, a film spinoff from the Pokémon video games.

In related news, fans have spotted an iconic video game line that’s missing from the subtitles for the new movie.

The “FATALITY” header is cut out from the English subtitles, with: “Kang speaking foreign language” in its place.

NME‘s Richard Phippen reviewed the new film, which stars Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee and Josh Lawson.


In a two-star write-up he said: “In keeping with the original game, the gore comes thick and fast. It leads to an uneven tone, but the fans are supposed to cheer at the multiple limb-dismemberments and snicker at the dropping of f-bombs; not worry about why the one-liners are so camp.”

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