Sacha Baron Cohen as ‘The Dictator’ – video

Watch footage from the world premiere on NME.COM

Sacha Baron Cohen appears in character as The Dictator in a new video interview, which you can watch above.

The comic adopted his role as Admiral General Aladeen, former leader of the fictional North African country of Wadiya, at the movie’s world premiere this week. The spoof film sees Aladeen overthrown and deposited in the US.

Speaking to reporters, Aladeen warns potential audiences: “They are free to come and see my movie, no pressure, no pressure. But if they don’t, they are dissenters, we their names and addresses, we are monitoring Twitter accounts and we know your routes to and from work. I’m joking of course, there’s no danger!”

Speaking to a female reporter, he adds: “Hello, you are gorgeous, you will come to my palace. Don’t worry no sleazy stuff, relax. Maybe we’ll lose your passport.”

Elsewhere, Anna Faris, who co-stars in the film, promised audiences a good time: “It’s just so much fun, it’s just outrageous. So I think everyone will have a really good time. I’m a little bit nervous about my parents.”

The Dictator is Cohen’s fourth spoof comedy movie, following Ali G In Da House, Borat and Bruno. It is released in the UK on May 16.