Sacha Baron Cohen teases new Donald Trump and Trump University-themed project

The actor and comedian released a preview clip yesterday (July 4) to mark Independence Day in the US

Sacha Baron Cohen has teased his next project, which appears to have the intention of sending up US President Donald Trump and his affiliated Trump University brand.

Cohen’s last film Grimsby was released back in 2016, but he enjoyed far greater success with the likes of Borat (released in 2006), Brüno (2009) and Ali G Indahouse (2002).

The actor and comedian appeared to launch his next project yesterday (July 4) with a video posted on Twitter to mark Independence Day in the US, with the clip heavily suggesting that Cohen’s next film will take aim at Trump.


Donald Trump

Opening with the title ‘A message from Donald J. Trump’, a video shot by the President before he entered the White House then plays which sees him criticising Cohen.

“I only wish [Cohen] would’ve been punched in the face so many times right now he’d be in the hospital,” Trump says in the clip, as a blown-up image of Cohen’s face moves from one side of the screen to the other.

“Sacha Baron Cohen, go to school! Learn about being funny,” Trump later declares. The titles “He’s back… as you’ve never seen him before” are then shown, before teasing “Sacha graduates… soon” as the emblem of Trump University closes the video. Watch the clip below.

Trump and Cohen have been feuding since the former’s appearance on Da Ali G Show in 2003 – Trump claims he walked out of the interview within seconds of it starting, but Cohen says that the President spoke with him for nine minutes on camera.


Earlier this week, the Mayor of Sheffield banned Trump from visiting the city as he branded him a “wasteman”.

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