Sam Worthington: ”Avatar 2′ will be monumental’

'Clash Of The Titans' star says plans for Pandora-set sequel are well underway

Sam Worthington has said Avatar 2 will be “monumental”.

Work on the sequel to James Cameron‘s Pandora-set movie is well underway, with Worthington saying the director has told him of his dreams for the film.

“I spoke to James recently and he told me the story and it’s monumental,” said Worthington. “It’s just a matter of him writing the script, piecing it together and figuring out how to push himself.

“He wants a challenge. And he wants to improve the audience’s experience. He’s been messing about with 3D and frame rates a lot more,” he added in an interview with IBN.

Cameron, who directed Titanic and the first two Terminator films, has been talking of his desire to double the cinematic frame-rate from 24 frames per second – the standard since the 1920s – to 48 frames per second for some time.

He believes it will allow his pioneering 3D cameras to capture movement and detail with more clarity.

Development on the original Avatar film began in 1994, so here’s hoping any sequel appears before 2026.