Sandra Bullock was ‘depressed’ when filming ‘Gravity’ without George Clooney

Actor says she missed having other actors to interact with on set

Sandra Bullock says she had a tough time while working on Gravity without other actors to interact with.

Speaking to Variety, Bullock said the film, which sees her character Dr Ryan Stone largely alone in space, left her with a feeling of depression, particularly after co-star George Clooney finished his scenes and they were forced to say goodbye.

She said: “When George came, it was like this energy for us and you were so appreciative of him being there. And then when he left, I had never been hit with a depression like that. We had so much fun for three weeks, but then my friend left. I was amazed at how I was affected by him going. I had a hard time saying goodbye. I didn’t wanna look at him, I was just gonna give him a pat and I walked away – and I was mad.”


She also went on saying how difficult shooting the film was, with its advanced techniques. “I felt like every day I was pushed against a wall with technology,” she said. “And I was angry at everyone who came with me with a laptop to tell me where my hand had to be and where my head had to end up in a certain amount of time. But you knew you had to do it. And it was my job – with all these constraints – to figure out how to be this person.”

Gravity is a strong contender to win Best Picture at Oscars in March next year. If it does so, it will be the first film set in space to win in that category.

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