‘Saw’ horror franchise to receive reboot?

Studio Lionsgate also considering a straight sequel to 2010's 'Saw 3D'

The notoriously bloody Saw franchise could be in line for a swift reboot.

Released in 2004, the original Saw film centred upon a deadly mind game instigated by a mysterious character known as “Jigsaw”. The movie became an unexpected hit at the box office, grossing over $103 million ($66 million) worldwide from a meagre $1 million (£640,000) budget.

The series spawned a sequel a year for the next six years, culminating in 2010’s Saw 3D, which was billed as “The Final Chapter”. Subsequent films were received less favourably by fright fans and film critics.

According to horror website Bloody Disgusting, the studio behind the movies, Lionsgate, is now plotting to revive Saw. A report on the website reads: “Sources we trust tell [us] exclusively that Lionsgate is tinkering with the idea of rebooting the Saw franchise, although an eighth film isn’t out of the cards.”

However, Bloody Disgusting also reports that Lionsgate’s plans are still being finalised. “It should be noted that nothing is official, and nothing has been decided. Things are at infant stages at this time, but rest assured, Jigsaw will return,” the report adds.

Last year (2011), the creators of the Saw franchise – director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell – teamed up again for poltergeist film Insidious. A sequel has since been announced for a 2013 release.