Saw Patrol: new horror sequel moves release date to compete with children’s film

It will follow 'Barbenheimer' as the next big box office battle of 2023

Saw X has moved its release date to the same day as children’s film Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie, lining up the next big box office battle of 2023.

‘Saw Patrol’ will follow ‘Barbenheimer’ – the much-discussed and hugely hyped twin release of Barbie and Oppenheimer yesterday (July 21) – as another big day at cinemas.

Saw X was originally set to come out on October 27 but has now been pushed forward almost a whole month to September 29, meeting the release date for Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie.


In response to the move, studio Lionsgate tweeted: “reporting for SAW PATROL, sir.”

As of this morning (July 22), Barbie is currently set to outpace Oppenheimer at the box office over the two films’ shared opening weekend.

As things stand, Greta Gerwig’s comedy is set to bring in $110million (£86.6million) at the US box office this weekend, over twice the expected takings of Christopher Nolan’s biopic about the creator of the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer is expected to gross $50million (£38.8million).

Barbie’s current takings mean it will break the record for the highest-opening film in the US by a female director. Wonder Woman previously held the title, bringing in £103million(£89.1million) in 2017.


Warner Bros confirmed yesterday (July 21) that Barbie had earned $22.3million (£17.3million) in box office previews – the highest figure of any film this year. Universal, meanwhile, said Oppenheimer had brought in $10.5million (£8.2m) in preview earnings.

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