‘Scarface’ remake hires ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ screenwriter

'The Magnificent Seven''s Antoine Fuqua is set to direct the remake of the Al Pacino classic

Universal Pictures’ remake of Scarface has hired a new screenwriter, Oscar-nominated The Wolf Of Wall Street scribe Terence Howard.

Howard, also co-creator of TV’s Vinyl and Boardwalk Empire, will “do a polish” on the existing script, Variety reports.

Jonathan Herman, co-writer of Straight Outta Compton, wrote the most recent draft of the script. Screenwriter Paul Attanasio (Disclosure, Donnie Brasco) and director David Ayer (Suicide Squad, Fury) penned previous drafts.

The Magnificent Seven‘s Antoine Fuqua is set to direct the remake and Marty Bregman, producer of the classic 1983 film starring Al Pacino, will serve as one its producers.

The iconic 1983 Scarface film is itself a remake of a 1932 film also titled Scarface. It follows a Cuban refugee called Tony Montana, played by Pacino, who arrives in 1980s Miami penniless but hustles ruthlessly to become a powerful drug baron. Michelle Pfeiffer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Steven Bauer co-star.

The new remake will relocate the action from Miami to Los Angeles and track a criminal’s rise in the city’s criminal underworld. Casting for the remake has yet to take place, and it has no release date yet either.