Scarlett Johansson calls for more diversity in Hollywood

The actress was recently criticised for playing an Asian character in 'Ghost In The Shell'

Scarlett Johansson has called for more diversity in Hollywood, following the Academy’s move to invite a more broad spectrum of industry members to join.

The actress was recently cast in the film Ghost In The Shell, in which she plays an Asian character. The news led to a huge backlash, with people accusing the movie of whitewashing.

“It’s awesome to have a diverse group of people in an organisation like that,” she told the Chicago Sun-Times of the Academy’s inclusion of 683 new members, 46 per cent of whom were female and 41 per cent of whom were non-white.

“You need to have different points of view and different perspectives,” she continued. “Of course, it’s also the studios who ultimately will make the movies, but I think when the audiences speak loudly and tell the studios what they want to watch, there’s an ear there.

“The audiences will drive the direction of what is greenlit and put on the fast track. I truly believe that to be true, especially now in the time of social media. The voices cannot be ignored. So I tell people to keep asking, and to keep asking for diversity in Hollywood.”