‘Scary Movie 5’ to be released next year

Spoof series gets new writers on board

The Scary Movie franchise looks set to return to cinemas for a fifth time next year, with a release date already announced.

Reports are circulating that writers John Aboud and Michael Colton – most famous for spoof sports film The Comebacks – will team up with Stephen Leff to pen the new film.

Horror website Bloody Disgusting also reports that Anthony Anderson, Kevin Hart and Regina Hall will again star in the new movie, but there is currently no word on whether Anna Faris will return.

The first Scary Movie, directed by The Wayans Brothers, was released in 2000. It grossed over $278 million (£168 million) worldwide on an estimated budget of £18 million (£10.9 million).

The success of the Scary Movie franchise is, in many ways, directly responsible for the emergence of Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet The Spartans.

Scary Movie 5 is due for release on April 20, 2012.