Secret Cinema responds after ‘Moulin Rouge!’ customers complain of food poisoning

The company is reportedly investigating 12 complaints from customers who say they became ill after attending its latest event.

Secret Cinema has sought to reassure customers after several guests complained that they had experienced food poisoning after eating at its latest event.

The company is currently running an immersive cinema experience based around Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge! at a warehouse in Newham, east London. Tickets for the event, which runs until late-April, cost up to £130 per person.

According to London’s Evening Standard, Secret Cinema is currently investigating 12 complaints from customers who say they became ill after eating oysters at the event last weekend.

One of these customers, 35-year-old Kate Sawyer, told the newspaper: “I woke up the next morning and I was already feeling unwell and later I was violently sick. An evening vomiting is pretty unpleasant. It was such a shame because the night was an incredible experience. But I felt I had to warn this could be happening and ask for Secret Cinema to act because there is a obviously a food safety issue here for so many people to become ill.”

Secret Cinema has since tweeted out a statement aimed at concerned customers. It reads: “Some of you have heard that there have been several complaints of food poisoning after eating oysters at our shows on Friday and Saturday. We have had no further customer complaints since those attending on those nights. We do not underestimate the discomfort of this for our customers and as such have personally followed up the small number of complaints we received.”

Secret Cinema previously ran into difficulties in 2014 when the launch of its Back To The Future event was postponed at short notice before eventually going ahead.