‘Seinfeld’-themed food truck goes on US tour

Catering staff include Larry Thomas, the actor who played the notorious 'Soup Nazi' on the show

An official Seinfeld food truck is currently on tour in America.

The “No Soup For You!” truck – named after a quote from the show’s famous ‘Soup Nazi’ episode – serves a variety of food and beverage products that played a prominent role in the 1990s sitcom. The daily menu is subject to change, but regular items include Muffin Tops, Black & White Cookies, Junior Mints, Snapple and Twix.

However, the truck’s signature dish is its Soup of the Day, which is dished up by Larry Thomas, the actor who played the so-called “Soup Nazi” in the classic episode. Thomas staffs the truck in costume and is happy to pose for photos.

The “No Soup For You!” truck has already visited Los Angeles, Orange County, Albuquerque, Chicago and Philadelphia and has stops scheduled at New York City, Boston and Baltimore. None of the show’s regular cast – Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander – have had chance to visit yet, but fans remain optimistic that they may make an appearance.

Seinfeld ran for 180 episodes from 1989 to 1998 and is regularly included on lists of the greatest TV shows of all-time. The episode titled ‘The Soup Nazi’ aired during the seventh season and focused on a food stand whose owner – played by Thomas – demanded an incredibly strict code of behaviour from his customers.