Sequel to ’28 Days Later’ and ’28 Weeks Later’ being discussed, says writer

Alex Garland says he and director Danny Boyle are having 'serious conversations' about a third film

Alex Garland has revealed that he and Danny Boyle are “seriously” discussing making a follow-up to 28 Days Later and 28 Week Later.

Garland scripted 2002’s acclaimed zombie hit 28 Days Later, which was directed by Boyle, and the pair served as executive producers on its 2008 sequel 28 Weeks Later, which was written and directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

Now Garland – who has since made his directorial debut with this month’s Ex Machina – has revealed that a third film is being mooted.

“We’ve just started talking about it seriously,” he told IGN. “We’ve got an idea. Danny [Boyle] and [producer] Andrew [Macdonald] and I have been having quite serious conversations about it so it is a possibility. It’s complicated. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why it’s complicated, which are boring so I won’t go into, but there’s a possibility.”

Discussing the premise of the third film, Garland added: “It’s more likely to be 28 Months than 28 Years. 28 Years gives you one more place to go. 28 Decades is probably taking the piss.”

Garland went on to explain that he would probably serve solely as an executive producer on the third film rather than write its script.