‘Sesame Street’ parodies ‘House Of Cards’ in ‘House Of Bricks’ – watch

It stars a character called 'Frank Underwolf' who blows down houses belonging to three little pigs

Sesame Street has released a parody of House Of Cards ahead of the Netflix drama’s Season Three launch later this week.

Titled House Of Bricks, the parody is a riff on the classic tale of The Three Little Pigs featuring a character called “Frank Underwolf”, who blows down houses belonging to a trio of porky friends to teach them how to subtract.

“Some people say there’s too much pork in this town. I could not agree more,” Frank Underwolf says in an exaggerated southern accent remarkably similar to that used by Kevin Spacey’s House Of Cards character Frank Underwood.

Season Three of House Of Cards will begin with Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood newly sworn-in as President and Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood taking centre-stage alongside him as First Lady. It has been rumoured that Pussy Riot will make an appearance during the new season after Nadezhda and Maria from the Russian activist band were apparently spotted on the show’s set in Baltimore last summer.

Earlier this month (February 11), Season Three of House Of Cards was added to US Netflix over two weeks early due to a “technical glitch”. Though not scheduled to launch until this Friday (February 27), the entire season was available to stream for around 20 minutes, before news spread on social media and Netflix removed the new episodes from its US library.

Season One of House Of Cards, which is based on the 1990 BBC mini-series of the same name, launched on Netflix in February 2013 and soon became the streaming service’s most-watched show. It was also a hit with critics, becoming the first ever online-only TV series to be considered for major Emmy awards when it racked up nine nominations that year. Season Two followed in 2014 and went on to earn even more Emmy nominations, a total of 13, although it only won one.