Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’ breaks box office record

The antics of the weed smoking bear takes £35 million on its opening week

Family Guy creeator Seth MacFarlane’s new film Ted has taken £35 million on its opening weekend in the US.

Ted, MacFarlane’s film about a weed smoking, foul-mouthed bear, has taken the record for an original R-rated comedy – meaning a film which under-17s can only watch if accompanied by an adult.

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg, the star of Boogie Nights and The Fighter, plays John Bennett whose Christmas wish to bring his teddy bear to life comes true. Wahlberg told The Telegraph

I think it is going to offend more people than Family Guy does but, hey I didn’t write it.

Jokingly he added that: “I told them I want that as a disclaimer!” Wahlberg admitted to having never seen Family Guy, explaining that when he did: “All this crazy stuff is going on and my wife comes barging in from the other room because she hears all this laughter and she immediately turns the TV off and yells at me for letting the kids watch it.”

He added: “But my kids and I were like, ‘OK, we want to see that again’. It was really funny stuff.” The actor said about the film that, “The script for Ted came in and was absolutely hilarious. Then I started watching some of Seth MacFarlane’s work. We met, and we hit it off and so I committed to making Seth’s movie.”