Seth Rogen says he ‘couldn’t deal’ with James Franco while shooting ‘The Disaster Artist’

Franco stayed in character as Tommy Wiseau for the whole time the movie was being shot

Seth Rogen has said he “couldn’t deal” with James Franco during the filming of The Disaster Artist.

The pair’s forthcoming movie tells the story of the making of The Room, which has earned the title of the best worst movie ever made.

In The Disaster Artist, Franco plays Tommy Wiseau, the eccentric Eastern European filmmaker who created The Room and played its lead, Johnny. Franco also directed the film, while Rogen produced it and also played The Room‘s script supervisor, Sandy Schklair.


As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Rogen told a post-screening audience at the Director’s Guild Of America last night (October 7) he struggled with Franco staying in character for the duration of the shoot. “I couldn’t deal with it, straight up, for the first two days,” he said. “People would come up and ask me, ‘Where’s James?’ And I was always like ‘He’s right fucking there!'”

He added: “”My grandmother came out and she just did not get what the fuck was happening. She was walking around like, ‘I thought James was in the movie?’ I never explained it to her.”

The Disaster Artist also stars Franco’s brother Dave, Alison Brie, Sharon Stone and more. It is due to arrive in cinemas on December 1.

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