Seth Rogen shares ‘Superbad’ trivia on film’s 10th anniversary

The actor co-wrote and starred in the cult teen film classic, which celebrated the milestone yesterday (August 17)

Seth Rogen has shared a number of insightful facts about the making of Superbad to mark the cult film’s tenth anniversary.

The teen comedy was released ten years ago yesterday (August 17). Starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Rogen, the film also featured the now-Academy Award winner Emma Stone.

Rogen, who co-wrote Superbad, marked the milestone by revealing trivia about the film on his Twitter account.


Noting that the amount of time passed since the release of the film would make Superbad character McLovin “35, I think” (a reference to the fake ID he buys), Rogen then revealed a multitude of facts about the film – including Danny McBride’s cameo as an extra, and that every character name in the film was based on “people we went to high school with and lots of the stuff in the movie really happened to us.”

See Rogen’s trivia about Superbad in the below tweets.


One of Rogen’s next projects will see him reunite with James Franco for The Disaster Artist.

Directed by Franco, the movie tells the tale of the making of The Room – AKA “the greatest bad movie ever made.”


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