Seth Rogen to make live-action ‘Where’s Wally?’ movie

Rogen and his creative partner Evan Goldberg have allegedly taken on the project

Seth Rogen has reportedly signed on to produce a live action film based on the classic children’s book Where’s Wally?

According to The Tracking Board, Rogen will be joined by fellow Grey Point Pictures producer Evan Goldberg (pictured below) on the project, with the pair previously working together on Superbad, Pineapple Express and The Interview.

It’s thought the movie, which is being developed by MGM, has been in the pipeline for a while, but has suffered a number of delays at the hands of other studios.


It is currently unknown who will play Wally (or Waldo as he’s known in the US), with the part of the bespectacled adventurer yet to be cast.

The website adds that an early version of the script “built upon the time-traveling element where Waldo accidentally activates a time machine and must find a way to get back to the love of his life, Wilma”.

The script has seen a number of drafts over the years, with writers Marc Hyman, Adam Rifkin, Adam Cooper, Michael Berg and, most recently, Todd Berger all contributing.

At this time, Rogen and Goldberg have only signed on to produce; with The Tracking Board adding that they cannot confirm that either will write, direct or star in the project.

The Where’s Wally? books were originally created by the English illustrator Martin Handford and have previously been adapted into a number of games and a 13-episode animated TV show.