Seth Rogen will do “everything” to fight “America’s racist policies in regards to weed”

"We will not shy away from very uncomfortable conversations"

Seth Rogen has redoubled on his activism, saying that he will do “everything” in his power to challenge and shine light on the US’ “racist” drug policies.

The actor and weed legalisation activist, who’s written and starred in several stoner movies, said in a new interview that he’s “proud” to be associated with the drug. He said he will use his platform to fight the legal system that disproportionately affects Black and Hispanic people arrested for weed possession.

Rogen, who supports pro-weed legalisation organisations such as Marijuana Policy Project, told the New York Times that he will do “everything in my power to shine a light on, and to lend a voice to, America’s racist policies in regards to weed”.


“We will not shy away from very uncomfortable conversations,” he said, “and always will do whatever we can to remind people that currently there are people in jail in America for weed, and there are people whose lives are being ruined by weed.”

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen. CREDIT: Getty

Elsewhere in the interview he spoke about his relationship with cannabis, which he’s smoked since he was a teenager, saying that he helps him function.

“The world is not a comfortable place for me, and many other people, at times,” he told the publication.

Cannabis provides “functionality”, he said, adding: “I can’t define it beyond that.”

He said: “It is no different to me than wearing shoes or glasses or anything else that I am doing to acknowledge that I am just not fully cut out for the world and need some help. Could I walk around in bare feet all day? Maybe. But why?”


Rogen is writing a script for Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino about Scotty Bowers, a gas-station attendant who arranged sexual liaisons for Hollywood stars.

Along with his creative partner and friend, Evan Goldberg, Rogen is helping produce Pam & Tommy, a forthcoming Hulu miniseries about the relationship of rock musician Tommy Lee and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson.

In other news, Rogen revealed recently that Jonah Hill, who starred in his 2007 movie Superbad, once turned down a starring role in Transformers after he advised him to do so.