Shia LaBeouf tweets nude photo of himself from new movie ‘Charlie Countryman’

Conveniently, the film is set to open in cinemas next month...

Shia LaBeouf has tweeted a nude photo of himself from forthcoming movie Charlie Countryman.

The actor offered no comment on the revealing image, other than to say “tune in, turn on, drop out” and link to the film’s trailer.

Charlie Countryman opens in UK cinemas on November 8 before getting a US release a week later on November 15. LaBeouf stars as Charlie, an American who falls in love with a Romanian woman named Gabi, played by Evan Rachel Wood, who is already married to a violent and mentally unstable gangster. After enduring a succession of gruesome beatings to woo and protect her, Charlie realises that if he wants to keep Gabi safe, he will have to die.

LaBeouf has revealed that he took method acting to extremes when filming Charlie Countryman and actually dropped acid before certain scenes to get into his character’s mindset. Watch a trailer for the film below.

Meanwhile, LaBeouf will also be seen with his clothes off in Lars Von Triers‘s controversial new film project Nymphomaniac, which has used digital technology to create incredibly graphic sex scenes. The two-part movie traces the sexual progress of a woman, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, from her youth to the age of 50, and is set to premiere in Von Triers’s native Denmark on December 25.