Simon Pegg shows off lean new body after dropping weight for upcoming film


Simon Pegg has shared a photo that reveals his transformed figure for a new film role.

The 49-year-old actor, who stars in an upcoming thriller called Inheritance, trimmed down over a six month period to meet the “VERY lean” requirement for his character.

Fitness specialist Nick Lower tweeted the image with the caption: “#SimonPegg 6 month body transformation for #InheritanceMovie. The brief for this role was lean, VERY lean. It required a specific body shape and look.”

Pegg then re-tweeted the picture, writing that the fitness regime also bore out “occasional mild grumpiness”.

The Shaun of the Dead actor’s health kick follows a candid interview with Empire magazine last year in which he revealed the full extent of his past depression and alcohol abuse.

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“I was depressed. I had always been susceptible to it. But at the same time as I started to ascend into what would conventionally be regarded as a success, I was going down.”

Dave Willis

“The more material success presented itself to me, the less I could understand why it wasn’t fulfilling me in any way. It wasn’t that it wasn’t fulling me, it was because I was depressed. It’s not a mood. It’s a condition.”

He continued: “I just drank more heavily…Eventually I crashed out. At Comic-Con in 2010 — I’ve never told anyone this — we were promoting Paul and I sort of went missing for about four days. I got back to the UK and just checked myself in somewhere.”