Sir Ian McKellen ‘turned down $1.5m’ to officiate a wedding as Gandalf

The 77-year-old actor said he might have considered the offer were it not for the wizard

Sir Ian McKellen has said he turned down $1.5m (£1.14m) to officiate a wedding because the bride and groom wanted him to do so dressed as Gandalf.

The actor was asked to marry Silicon Valley tycoon Sean Parker and his now wife, singer Alexandra Lenas, at a ceremony in Big Sur, California, in June 2013. He has previously overseen the wedding of his friend Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell that same year.

As Canoe reports, Parker was the co-founder of streaming service Napster and the first president of Facebook.

Guests at the couple’s wedding, reported to include Emma Watson and Sting, did dress up as characters from Lord Of The Rings.

For McKellen, however, that was the dealbreaker. “I was offered $1.5 million to marry a very famous couple in California, which I would perhaps have considered doing but I had to go dressed as Gandalf,” he told The Mail On Sunday. “So I said, ‘I am sorry, Gandalf doesn’t do weddings’.”

He added he didn’t know who had made the offer, but said: “He was a very rich man, that’s all I know.”

A source told the paper: “The offer to Sir Ian to officiate was made through a mutual friend of Sir Ian’s and Sean Parker.”