Sir Patrick Stewart acts out ‘the most annoying people on the plane’ – watch

'X-Men' legend plays irritating characters including 'The Stinky Stacker' in this amusing sketch

During a recent episode of US chatshow Jimmy Kimmel Live, Sir Patrick Stewart gamely took part in a sketch in which he acted out “the most annoying people on the plane”.

The sketch, which has since been viewed over 1.5 million times on YouTube, sees the X-Men actor play irritating characters such as ‘The Chatty Charlie’, ‘The Stinky Snacker’ and ‘The Landing Clapper’. It was inspired by a poll conducted by travel company Expedia asking fliers to name the most infuriating types of aeroplane passengers.

Stewart’s latest film Match opened in US cinemas on Wednesday (January 14). He stars as an ageing dancer whose quiet life is interrupted by a husband and wife who claim to want to interview him for their dissertation. At present, the film’s UK releasee date has yet to be confirmed.